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Crafting a crest can take many forms from the complex and quirky to the strikingly simple. 

One thing they all have in common

is a story which shines through in their diligent details.


This is a modern take on the traditional crest. With most of the concept work done, this was a matter of crafting new icons and creating a new crown that complimented the style of the linework. The end result is a modern, classic that appreciates its traditional roots while appealing to a wider audience.

Anchor Cheese was great to work on as it was a complete redesign of the existing packaging with a clear vision to incapulate and celebrate the king of cheeses. Like any crest this has a cheeky use of themed icons within it that are usually seen with a second glance.


This Russian Federation coat of arms shows immense crafting with subtle line width differences throughout to give it a hand crafted feel. Every detail of the mark has been tailored in this way with the central shield image coming down in line weight. If you look carefully you’ll find the dragon has a fine linear hi-light which acts to set it apart and add interest. This mark is all about pride, splendour and opulence. 

The Universtity of Wollongong brand mark has undergone several changes over the last 40 years. Working with Frost Collective for the current refresh has helped to embrace the traditional origins of the crest in a bold way. It’s the finer detail that defines it’s quality with simple shadowing and graphic elements working well together.

Look at the old UOW mark and its 40 year evolutionary journey to it’s current form.

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