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Developing a truly bespoke character is a lot of fun. Firstly, I always find it helpful to learn the history of the brand and story behind the character. 




These are the initial fox concepts for Merry Down cider. A dancing, fiddle playing, Red fox! This folklore character from the heart of Sussex plays apple notes that flow from his apple shaped fiddle.


The Quilton Cupid gets a face lift with the client opting for a slightly less realistic approach for its playful range of new poses. Each cupid is the same baby with the same light source so it was important to get the continuity working well.

This home brand chocolate range was based on ‘A World of Chocolate’ with each variant oozing flavour cues. Each pack includes a happy, inquisitive character or characters striking natural, unforced poses. Most importantly this work had to have a soft flow and beauty.

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