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I find the best corporate marks are often the most simple. This illustration captures the beauty and emotion in just a few simple well crafted shapes.





This fox is one of my favourite illustrations.

In this work the basic elements of light and shade are working well without the need for too much unnecessary detail. At first glance the sketch and the vector look very similar but if you look a little closer you’ll see quite a bit of difference in the crafted detail. 

Another minimalistic approach is used for an iconic London Beefeater.

The familiar marching pose allows the eye to focus on the linear style and the horizontal stripes in the uniform. These lines also work

well to create movement and form within the figure.


This trusted coffee brand wanted a new modern look with a simple icon that could easily be reduced small and enlarged to super sizes whilst still looking great. 

The core message was that of a pioneering brand that breaks through the boundries of conventional taste.    

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