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Crafting an icon can take many forms from the complex to the simple. 

One thing they all have in common

is thought and consideration which shines through in their sheer beauty.



Good crafting can take a bit of time but the results can be worth while with an end result that builds trust in the product and the brand. Quality crafting on the outside translating to the same on the inside.

In crafting any icon it’s important to capture the essence of the brand and the key attributes that need to be conveyed.

Here we see...




This working class hero takes pride in his work. He is honest and true. 

As is his brew!

The big idea for the rebrand of Timothy Taylor beer was based upon the celebration of the 

tradesmen who pour their craftsmanship and 

expertise into the making of outstanding beers.

Springetts wanted to give the brand a voice that heroes the ‘worker’.

Becoming inspired by the Russian Constructivist posters that showed graphic communication as a means to fight

a cause and tell a story.

Each label shows a master tradesman striking a pose that reflects the craftmanship of their trade. These are the true heroes of Timothy Taylor.

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